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Healthy Pets, Healthy People

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Healthy Pets, Healthy People

Healthy Pets, Healthy People

In western countries, many people have pets and adopted them as a hobby. But many of them are not aware of the benefits and risks. there is a number of benefits of pets. Pets can enhance opportunities to exercise and play. In the United States, many houses is having pets (at least one). According to research under the supervision of the American Veterinary Medical Association, there is the total number of dogs in the USA is 76,881,305 add cats are 5,8385,725. That's why the requirement of the veterinarian increase day by day. Every household requires around 2 visits of veterinary specialists. These numbers are very high by this data you can understand easily. What is the most want? The answer is a simple ‘’dog’’.

Now the question is their “Why pets are important”?. Many studies have described the importance of the best health benefits. There are several health benefits are given below as 

Lower Cholesterol level, Lower feelings of loneliness and anxiety, decrease blood pressure and increase exercise opportunities and social activities.

Why having pets is bad”?.

Some pets are bad due to their disease spreadability. Some pets can carry germs and parasites. A parasite is known as toxoplasma Gundii, can go into your brain and causes the disease toxoplasmosis. The diseases are transferred from animals to humans are known as zoonotic diseases.

Some people are more affected by Zoonotic diseases, describes as

Children less than 5 years old are at higher risk. They should not have turtles, snakes, frogs, and poultry due to the risk of germs and serious illness.

A stronger Immune system is very important; if you have a weak immune system then you should follow some extra precautions and need to consult with your veterinarian for the best pet picking.

Pregnant women also should care about pets. They can cause toxoplasmosis and zoonotic diseases, especially in cats and rodents.

Ways to stay healthy around pets:

With the help of the following precautions, we can stay healthy and also can keep our pets healthy.

Hand washing

After touching, feeding, or any other activity related to your pet's handwashing is very important. There are a number of activities that require hand wash like after playing, touching, feeding, handling pets habits, and equipment ( tanks, cages, food and water dishes, etc.).

Keep your pet healthy:

If you want to keep healthy your family and pets whether it is a cat, dog, fish, Dragon, horse or other fun pet regular and lifelong veterinary care is important.

Teach children:

The children less than 5 years old while interacting with pets feel very happy. But children are not known about the health risks of pets. Therefore teach your children e.g

  • How to interact with animals?
  • Do not let them kiss.
  • Wash their hands before and after is touching the pets.
  • How to play with pets.

Pick the right pet:

If you are going to adopt a new pet before this you should contact your veterinary to ensure the health risks to you and your family as well. Also, ask some questions to yourself before getting a pet. For example

About pet eating habits.

Pets eating requirements.

Veterinary care cost.

Time required for their handling.

Pet hygiene.

And many other questions about pets care.

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