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First Aid For Dog

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First Aid For Dog

First Aid For Dogs

Mostly, people misinterpret common dog emergencies. Also, they don’t call for a veterinarian until it’s too late. Keeping and understanding a list of the common pet emergencies that need a veterinarian’s care will assist to keep your dog healthy.

Some Common Emergencies

Road Traffic Accidents

Eye Injuries




Heat Stroke

Allergic Reactions



Fights And Bites


Stick Injuries

Difficulty Breathing

Pain And Anxiety

Severe Bleeding:
Bleeding is the most important emergency as many people think any animal’s first aid should be done at home. If there is severe bleeding, it must be checked by a veterinarian. The dog skin could be hiding a difficulty, or the dog might require stitches to recover without any infection. It requires surgery if there is any internal bleeding.

Difficulty In Breathing:
It’s not a good view to “wait & see” when a dog cannot breathe. Do not attempt to clear the airway, and also find out the dog’s CPR to keep the dog safe. Take a veterinarian to emergency aid to make confident the dog is safe and sound. A veterinarian is a trained individual to make sure the dog does not have any internal harm that is causing breathing problems.

Inability to Defecate:

If the dog is feeling any pain in defecation or urination, it’s very important to find the cause. The dog could have any problem that you can’t handle and may necessary a doctor’s treatment. Pets frequently don’t express any pain, so it may lead to death if not taken care of.

Injury to Eye:
A dog’s eyes are a very important part of its body. If the dog’s eye has an injury, there can be internal damage near to its brain. Clean the dog’s eye care and take it to the doctor.

Eating Poison:
Many items such as multivitamins, antifreeze, pest poison, chocolate, and many more are very hazardous. These things are those items a dog will eat willingly. There are many items that are poisonous to a dog. If the owner suspects that the dog has eaten any poisonous thing then take it to the vet.


If a dog seizes, veterinarian care is required instantly. Staggering of a dog is also included in this category. These conditions point out a problem with the dog’s brain. The dog needs quick help. A veterinarian can change the situation, and he may require some tests to find out the dog’s problem.

Pain and Anxiety:
Pets will not say about their problem when they are in pain. If a dog is expressing signs of pain, its pain has increased to a terrible state, the dog must see a veterinarian. Anxiety is another method to express illness or pain. If a normal, and happy dog suddenly becomes inactive or its physical body condition changes, there is a problem. Then call for a vicenarian to have the dog evaluated to check up for possible pain. If you are well known about the pain areas and a veterinarian is out of range, apply a pain killer as early as possible.

Heat Stroke:
If a dog is suffering from heatstroke, immediately give coolness to the dog. Give it some water to drink. If there is a serious situation, take it to a veterinarian. The signs of heatstroke are:

Dark Or Bright Red Gums


Panting Excessively

Dry Tongue

Bloody Diarrhea 

Staggering, Seizures


Severe Diarrhea or Vomiting:
Many people have the mind to wait until this disease recovers without medication, but severe diarrhea and vomiting will cause severe dehydration and even death. It is very important to know the cause of vomiting as well as diarrhea. Take the dog to the veterinarian, and try to recall the dog's history about feeding. Try to remember that the dog had eaten any poisonous material or not and also unhygienic food.


Refusal to Drink
A dog drinks water consistently. If the dog has not taken in anything to drink in the last 24 hrs., despite the water being available. Offer water or other liquids to the dog. If it drinks nothing, take the dog to a veterinarian. It is very important to understand a dog’s behavior. Keep clean and fresh water in a dish for drinking. If the water dish is not clean, an animal will eventually drink from it.

Sometimes a dog’s owner thinks that dog is sleeping. If the dog cannot get from sleep, contact a veterinarian as early as possible. The dog may be passed out. The veterinarian will check on the dog to find out what has happened to the dog that it loses consciousness.


What To Do In a Pet Emergency

Stay calm

Respond as much as possible at home

Identify the problem

Calm your pet as much as possible

Call the vet or an emergency vet

Load your pet into her crate or into your vehicle

Ask a capable family member to help

Drive safely to the vet

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