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Cats Diet

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Cats Diet


Some organisms totally depend on meat which is got by other animals. Cats are one of those animals which rely on meat, poultry, and fish. This type of animal is known as an obligate carnivore. All types of cats whether small house-based or big tigers belong to obligate carnivores. Cats don’t eat plants because plants' nutrition value is very low as compared to animals' meat, poultry, and fish. The second reason is that cats' bodies are not able to digest plants materials, therefore cats' life survival is based on animals.

There are numbers of questions in the minds of people to be asked by a veterinarian e.g.

What should Cats eat?

When and How much to eat?

What needs to be taken into account?

What are the major mistakes that can be made?

Answers to these questions will be discussed in this essay briefly.

Best Food For Cats/ What Should Be Cats Eat

Cats belong to the meat-eater family of animals. Cats get proteins from meat and fish for good eyesight, a strong heart, and a good reproductive system. Chicken, Beef, and little amounts of bony deli meats are the best way to cats feed. Cats can suffer from sickness if meat is Raw or spoiled. There is a number of foods present in the market in different packing with a variety of nutrients.

Canned Food

The wet canned cat food is a healthy cat diet that consists mainly of meat and animal fats. Canned food is generally 68-78% water and about 32-22% dry matter. Canned foods are normally high in fresh or frozen meat, fish, or poultry. It also contains animals through animals. Canned food has a long shelf life.

Dry Food

Dry foods mainly carry a very low amount of water. Dry food consists of 90% dry matter and just 10% water. Canned wet food is generally considered inferior to dry food. There are some reasons for that:

First of all, because dry food is done by machine, usually all the parts are the same size and due to this fact, the ingredients are equal, so the cat gets all that it needs. And it is less likely to be lacking. Some types of dry foods also pass better through the gums and teeth to reduce periodontal diseases. Another advantage of dry food is the price which is commonly lower than the other alternative. The quality of wet foods also depends upon area and weather conditions, since in hotter areas food may suffer from dryness and cause problems in the cat's digestive system.

Cat’s Soft Moist Food

Soft moist foods are the best cat diet that carries 26 to 40% water and 60 to 80 % dry material. They do not need preservation and are canned to adhere to water by using humectants material so that it is not available to molds and Bacteria for their growth and assure shelf life. Advantages of these types of foods include suitability and high energy digestibleness. On the other hand, these foods are very costly than other kinds of foods.

Home-based Cooked Foods

In the case of cats, it is much more difficult to maintain home-based cooked foods in comparison to dogs. The main benefit of home-based cooked foods is the good and fresh supplements given by the owner. Formulation time, uncertain quality and diet variation, and higher cost are the disadvantages of these foods.

When And How Much To Eat?

The amount and frequency of food depend on the age, health, and preference of the cat. A cat cannot maintain their health if you choose a wrong type of food and a very little amount of food. On the other hand, if fed in large quantities cats will get fats and a healthy look. Regular feeding is very much important for getting your cat straight claws. Although simple and nutrients rich food are very helpful for better health.

Age Makes A Difference

Kittens’ food requirement is increased as a pound of body weight increases therefore kittens food requirement per day increased. Francis Kallfelz, DVM, Ph.D. was a university professor who said "Three meals are necessary for under the age of six months old. After that two meals are necessary till maturity’’.

Dr. Kallfelz also said that in the case of adults at around one year of age, 1 or 2 feeding in a day is necessary for older cats. The cat with the age of seven or above should continue as before.

The Health Of Your Cat Matters

Diabetes like humans is also found in cats in this case insulin is compulsory as per need. "Contact your veterinarian," (Dr. Kallfelz)

Dr. Kallfelz said that If your cat suffering from hyperthyroidism, cats may need food for the whole day whenever. "Treats the disease,"

What Needs To Be Taken Into Account;

There are many things to need to be taken into account for better nutrition of cats. The selection of variety and various companies make it hard to select the best food for our pets and often have economic conditions that could affect the recommendation of a recognized company.

In general, it is difficult for a cat to like new food, so it is important to choose good quality food and this will not only benefit the cat in terms of health but will also make it easier for our beloved pets. Also, just as good food may be a little more expensive for humans, it can save a lot of money after that, doctor's treatment and visits, and that's another reason to invest.

Many times dry food companies are adding grains and lentils to it even though it is not natural cat food and can often harm it.

Dried foods can include, for example, corn, wheat, and soybeans. That's why it's important to know the percentage of each food ingredient, which should usually be high in protein.

Check that most of the ingredients are from animals and have fewer grains and food coloring.

Preferably the source of the animal protein will be mentioned so that you can see that the food is not made from the remnants of the meat industry.

It is also important to note that food contains vitamins. Since cats target their own food, they also enjoy hunting animals and mineral fats. On the other hand, try to prevent food coloring, flavor storage, and protective instrumentation that can be very dangerous to your cat.

There are also foods that are specially designed to help other phenomena like hairballs, urinary difficulty, obesity, etc.

Note that there is adequate food for kittens and adult cats. Kittens need to eat to maintain proper protein development and adequate amounts.

You should also avoid raw eggs, onions, and chocolate.

Major Mistakes While Feeding A Cat

There are many mistakes held while feeding cats some of these are listed below. We should overcome all these mistakes while feeding a cat.

Giving Too Much Food at once.

Feeding one type of food (Only Dry Food).

A sudden change of food plane

Following the recommended Serving Size Road map.

Garlic is used for Tapeworm Treatments.

Ignoring indications of Food Intolerance.

Failure to Create a Stable Diet.

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