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7 Ways to Encourage Positive Behaviors in Your Dog

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7 Ways to Encourage Positive Behaviors in Your Dog

7 Ways to Encourage Positive Behaviour in Your Dog

Positive Behaviour in Your Dog is a key for mental and physical satisfaction.  As we all know a dog is a faithful animal. It is also fun to have a dog or a puppy. Some of you are also considering your dog a member of your family. But reality can be different from fun. Dogs and puppies can be angry. In anger, your dog can even bite you or a member of your family. So, we should create a sense of positive reinforcement in our dogs the question raises here that:

What is Positive Reinforcement?

“Positive Reinforcement is a type of training focused on the behaviour particularly the positive behaviour of dogs”. In this training session, you want your puppy to exhibit good behaviour ignoring the bad behaviour for this; it is important to note that the tone in your voice should be steady and low instead of raising your voice because your voice has a great effect on the puppy and dog. By selecting polite and good tools, you can develop positive reinforcement in your dog. Here are some helpful ways which can help you to develop encouraging positive behaviour in your dog.

Create a Routine

Maintaining a consistent routine is key to creating a stable environment you need to provide yourself for training your dog. Try to adjust your timetable according to your pet and business. You should go to the bed and get up early so that it may not affect your daily routine. In this way, your pet should also start learning your and your family schedule or routine.

It is also important to remember that your pet should be kept in that place where he can have easy access to the water every time. In addition, your pet should have an opportunity to go outside once every 6 hours. You should make sure you and your pet or dog is getting much exercise so that it may use its energy in a positive way. Your pet has to adjust itself according to the routine of yours and your family.

Spend Time Together

You should keep this point in view that dogs are social animals like humans. So, it is very important for your dog to spend a good time with it regularly. Dogs also notice their human companions, so when you take care of them, spend time with them and love them, they will do the same to you and your family. Creating a sociable and frank environment for your dogs will make them happier and healthier. It also helps you in getting trained your dog. If your dog is young (puppy), it can be trained easily and quickly.

Delicious Treats

Eating is a well-known hobby of all ages dogs and does their best as much as possible. Dogs or puppies will do their best if you have arranged a delicious treat at the end of the task. This way of treat based training can be helpful for you to develop good behaviour in your puppy or dog. Finally, a timeless and simple massage is there – do the good and get an invitation for a delicious treat. For this purpose, you can arrange some fun games to create obedience behaviour in your puppy or dog. Simple games like running, fetch and tug of war in the garden are games that dogs love. These games will strengthen the relationship of your dog with you and that can be proved a perfect way for training and developing good behaviour in your dog.

Daily Exercise

There is frequently asked a question, what is the most suitable exercise for our pets. The answer is exercise should be light or heavy, depending on the breed, age and demand of your pet. But it should be kept in mind that daily morning and evening walk is necessary for every pet and dog. It is not good for you and your dog also if your dog is not getting exercise or not consuming its energy in a positive way. Excess energy can lead your dog to restless, anxious, hyperactive, noisy and even destructive. There are many ways of exercising for your dog. You can take your dog on a morning or evening walk with you.

Reward Positive Behaviour, Ignore the Rest

You should ignore the bad behaviour of your dog when it does some strong things which are unwanted by you. And you should also reward your dog when it shows desired behaviours. Rewards should not always be in form of food, but they can be patting, cuddling and praising them.

In addition, praising your dog is also good for their training. It also makes and creates a sense of trust between you and your puppy. So, you should pat your dog, when you observe your dog do the somewhat you like.

Encourage Your Dog to Relax

As we have discussed earlier that exercise is vital for your dog, it’s also important for your dog to be relaxed. If you don’t allow your dog to relax you’ll notice that your dog is coming to you for seeking attention, but it may decrease with the passage of time. This will be dangerous for your puppy’s health and training. So, it is necessary for your dog to be relaxed and get enough sleep.

Get Everyone Involved

Once your dog understands some of the basics, other family members, or friends, can strengthen the good behaviour with your dog through some training. Then your pets will learn that a positive attitude is part of their normal life and applies to all people in all situations.

The latter point is a 'quantum leap' for a puppy or dog - the idea that positive attitudes extend beyond their instant owner to all over the world around them. It takes time to get them to this point, no doubt, and some types of dogs or races are much simple and easier to train than others. In the end, once you have strengthened good behaviours in your dog, you will be feeling proud of it!

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